10/16/22 The Beta 1.7.3 Minecraft server was launched!
9/12/22 /vr/ was added.
9/8/22 Autumn's here, so I've posted a fall update.
8/23/22 New video up on Stop Hibari Kun and the unique style of Hisashi Eguchi.
7/27/22 Made a new UY Video, covering the history of the anime.
7/2/22 /clv/ is here! Also made an UY youtube video.
6/15/22 Improved drawing, further UI tweaks, and updated to LynxChan 2.8.
6/13/22 UI Redesign! Here's a wallpaper.
6/9/22 More board ideas & other thoughts
6/5/22 Small little update regarding a few things.
5/21/22 Captchas have been enabled due to (presumably) bot spam.
5/14/22 May update posted! Also, mod appliactions are now open.
5/3/22 Happy Golden Week!
5/1/22 Added SauceNAO integration.
4/24/22 Added quote typing animation. Try clicking on it!
4/20/22 Added the recruit page, and rewrote the about, rules, and contact pages, as well as editing the front page.
4/19/22 Moved the site to a better server.
4/17/22 /a2k/ launched. Also, the lum/rumic stream is now linked to the IRC channel #ar. Happy Easter!
4/16/22 UT99 game weekend! Look for "wapchan game night" in the server browser.
4/14/22 Discussion/voting on adding new anime boards is ongoing.
4/10/22 Actually working oekaki is now live, and icons were added.
4/2/22 Added an event timer!
4/1/22 Did some redecorating.
3/30/22 Introducting the wapchan calendar to keep track of events!
You can view it on the web or sync it to your calendar.
3/29/22 A lot of little QOL improvements across the site.
3/28/22 IRC now by default uses SSL.
3/23/22 Spring update posted. Check out whats planned!
3/19/22 Slow month, but fixed wapchat to mask IPs
and wapTV's issues with daylight savings. Second watch p/ar/ty time!
2/17/22 wapchat launched, the new IRC server.
2/14/22 Happy Valentines day! Check out the "Lovely" theme.
2/10/22 wapTV launched! Episodic streams on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
2/5/22 WEBM banners are now live! Smaller filesizes and much higher quality.
2/1/22 /br/ launched. Also check out a month of wapchan.
1/30/22 Added additional themes Terminal, Terminal (Amber), and W64.
1/29/22 First watch p/ar/ty today!
1/27/22 Frontend git repo has been setup.
1/23/22 wapnet launched, a true BBS for wapchan!
1/21/22 WAP-FM stability fixes and mobile UI improvements.
Also check out the voting for the first watch p/ar/ty here!
1/20/22 Added additional songs, and fixed japanese character
rendering in playlist/history.
1/14/22 TOR access launched, which can be found here.
1/12/22 Added a song history button.
You can view the current playlist here.
1/11/22 WAP-FM launched. Tune in to a mix of classic
anime music and city pop in threads!
1/9/22 New banners added
1/3/22 Added /meta/
1/1/22 Happy new year folks